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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Surprise, your book's on sale (even though it can't be found by searching)

Sometimes, can feel like the Bermuda Triangle. I wish I understood how it worked, because online sales make up the bulk of my book sales. Generally, I like to check on my books and make sure they are in stock, see what people are saying about them, and get as good of a read on their status as I can. So it's frustrated me for a while that for some reason, Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex is excluded from Amazon search until you tell them to include adult items.

See? amazon1

When you allow adult items:


But I can search for and find my books about submission with no problem:



Yes, it's an adult item, but as you can see below, from screenshots taken this morning, other titles of mine show up right away in search. This problem means that I am likely losing sales from people who might want to find the book, but can't. It also means that when I search my books by price to see if there are any sales (I'm usually notified, but I like to see what's happening because prices fluctuate), the fact that Gotta Have It Kindle is only $7.12 doesn't show up. It was even cheaper last week! That's a huge bargain for 69 stories. The paperback is currently only $7.50 on Amazon.

Even better? If you buy the Kindle edition, you can add on the Audiobook narrated by Rose Caraway for just $3.99. So for a little over the regular price of $9.99, you can get the ebook and audiobook together. Hear 5 free stories read by Rose right here on this blog.

I love the fact that the book is on sale, and I know my publisher is looking into getting it properly shown in search. Until then, though, I wanted to let you know about this sale, because this was the start of my 69 story anthology editing, one I hope to continue because these books are near and dear to me. I would love the chance to do it again and get to work with so many authors at once, and the way that can happen is for Gotta Have It along with its similarly sized peers, The Big Book of Orgasms and The Big Book of Submission, to keep doing well.

So if you've thought about buying Gotta Have It but weren't sure, now's a great time because it's on sale, which could end at any moment. If you're having trouble finding your own or other authors' titles on Amazon, you may be having a similar adult search problem, so keep looking, and authors, always save direct links to your books so you can access them.

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