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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kneeling at Sir's feet in "In His Control" by Jade Melisande

Here's an excerpt from "In His Control" by Jade Melisande from Serving Him: Sexy Stories of Submission, about a kinky couple taking their relationship to the next level, even when they are not physically together. That kind of BDSM play in a story wows me, because it gets deep into the psychology of it. What does it mean to control someone, and to give up control, when they are not there to witness it? Is it like a tree falling in a forest if no one is there to hear it? What does that act of obedience do to the nature of a relationship, and the nature of one's sense of oneself? Plus, well, it's about something private turned, in a way, public, at the office, but not public like outdoor bondage. I do hope you'll read the whole story in Serving Him: Sexy Stories of Submission, and let me know what you think at femalesubantho at - thanks for reading!

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From "In His Control" by Jade Melisande

Juliette knelt at the feet of her lover, her head in his lap, her breathing finally beginning to slow. She curled her spine into the caress of his hand, enjoying the feel of his fingers lightly tracing the various welts, tender spots and already-forming bruises he found there.

“You did well today, Juli,” he said, his voice as much a welcomed caress as his hand had been.

She smiled softly against his thigh. “Thank you, Sir.” Pushing herself to go farther, to dig deeper into those physical places where fear and pain and euphoria collided and, eventually, intertwined, was a large part of the joy she experienced in what they did. And she had pushed herself hard today, hearing her safeword in her head over and over, but never uttering it. It was a personal challenge, one that she found profoundly satisfying. And she knew that he enjoyed taking her there as well, enjoyed knowing that she found such deep satisfaction in the physical side of what they did.

Besides, it made them both hot as hell.

He took her under the arms and lifted her compliant form up into his lap, where he cradled her for a moment before sitting her next to him on the couch. Sometimes their BDSM play culminated in sex, the kind that nearly tore them apart from the inside out with its intensity, sometimes it ended with her in a puddle on his lap. Cupping one hand under her chin, he looked into her eyes. “You did well,” he said again, and stroked her cheek. “But I want more.”

She blinked. She was exhausted. “More? I’m…I’m pretty well done in, Ian,” she said uncertainly.

He shook his head. “I’m not talking about what we just did,” he said. “I’m talking about in general. In our relationship.” She tensed, and he paused for a moment, then continued when she stayed silent. “I’ve always wanted more, Juli. You know that. I want more than just your body. I want this.” He tapped her lightly on the temple.
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