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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My erotic writing workshop - only 2 more chances in New York this year!

I don't plan to teach any more erotica classes in New York, so please come if you're at all interested - as I said, students are going to get priority for my anthologies (all submissions are read and responded to, but I would love to publish my students' work) and I have my biggest anthology yet coming up (80+ stories!). So tell your friends - I've been enjoying the workshops, and this is a new structure for me so it's really pushed me to go beyond the basics. I hope students are enjoying it too and what comes out of the classes has been fascinating. Listen to the podcast here to get a sense of what we do there. Everything is a learning experience and I somehow sense these do better in other cities where there aren't so many offerings, hence no more in 2010 as I try to be serious about being a businesswoman and not just doing everything willy-nilly, but you can't ask for a better atmosphere than Shag. And there will be free cupcakes! And after I can go give my new baby cousin his "Rock out with your cupcake out" t-shirt.

You can sign up same day, just call the store.

108 Roebling at N. 6th
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Sat Feb 27, March 6

Erotic Writing Workshop Series with Rachel Kramer Bussel(Part 1 of 4 part series)

Erotica writer and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel will share the ins and outs of erotic writing, covering everything from erotic love letters to submitting work for publication. Over the course of four weeks, attendees will do exercises designed to flesh out their erotic storytelling, utilizing various props, locations, and points of view to provide a range of options in terms. Bussel will share what she and other erotica editors look for from submissions, sharing favorite stories via handouts and readings, with a focus on having students use all their senses to craft original, creative erotica in various forms. Resources for submitting erotic writing will also be covered. Bring laptop or pen/paper for in-class writing exercises. Each class will be different, so attendees can take one or all classes.


2 classes – $36

1 class - $20

Please call SHAG at 347.721.3302 to register.

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