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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Boob casting, January 28th, Erotica workshops Febraury and March at SHAG

We will have details and signup information about my January 28th boob casting (yes, my boobs are being cast, live, in public, and we will auction off the casting, plus there's a Peep Show party after and YES, there will be cupcakes, 7:30-10) and my erotic writing workshops (afternoons of February 6, 13, 27 and March 6) at Shag very, very soon, like next week. I promise. I encourage you to shop at Shag in the meantime, or just go and browse all the art, jewelry, cards, bondage coasters, hankies (as in hanky code), lingerie, sex toys and much more. The dressing room is divine!

For now, some more of my photos by Anya Garrett - I'm still sorting through all the ones she shot and deciding on the right sexy one of me featuring Njoy's Eleven to feature in the postcard. Yes, there will be postcards and I'd be happy to mail you one once we get it all sorted out! I'm up to my eyeballs in writing and planning and personal organizing/decluttering and, you, know, life, but this is one of the things I'm most excited about in 2010. I haven't taught erotica in New York in a long time and have never done an ongoing workshop, so I'm truly looking forward to that as well as getting my breasts slathered in Vaseline and covered in plaster (or whatever the material is used to make casts).

Rachel Kramer Bussel by Anya Garrett

Rachel Kramer Bussel by Anya Garrett

Rachel Kramer Bussel by Anya Garrett

Rachel Kramer Bussel by Anya Garrett

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At December 30, 2009, Blogger Shannon said...

If I lived in NY I would go to your workshop. And I really love your shots from Anya Garrett. They give me a visual happy.


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