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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Am I "The Sluttiest Girl in the Room?"

or the blogosphere? Check out my latest Dating Drama column at The Frisky, "The Sluttiest Girl in the Room"

What’s funny is that I accidentally typed “The Sluttiest Girl in the World” and had that up the whole column and had to go back and change it. Or are there no accidents? Please read/comment/link/Digg/etc. I forgot we can’t curse at The Frisky, but I’m sure you’ll know that was supposed to say “fuck buddies.” I am finding I really like writing about dating and relationships as opposed to sex sex sex. Not to worry, though, I will have some sexiness (I hope) to detail in 2009. And it's not so much about how "slutty" I am compared to other girls, but that feeling of not being able to make a new start. But anyway, read it yourself.

It’s one thing to smile a little to yourself as you stand in a bookstore and run your fingers over the name of someone you’ve bedded or whisper to your friend at a party about your mutual friend who you were once #### buddies with, but it’s another to be constantly reminded that you’ve gotten around.

I don’t regret sleeping with the people that I have (though many I wouldn’t repeat). You learn from bad sex, missed communication, broken hearts, ignoring red flags. But at 33, I’m looking for different stuff from my dates than I was at 23, or even 31. That’s the part that’s hardest to convey to Google. I loved feeling open and carefree enough to say yes to a woman who propositioned me for a threesome via email, or having dirty hotel sex with my porn director friend, or hooking up with a hot Costa Rican stranger in the Atlanta airport when we were both stranded there overnight, but I don’t want those to be the only things someone new remembers about me.

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