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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chronic pain, headaches, doctors, and more in my interview with Chocolate & Vicodin author Jennette Fulda at Alternet

I interviewed Chocolate & Vicodin author Jennette Fulda about headaches, chronic pain, well-meaning advice, coping mechanisms and more at Alternet. Please pass it on to anyone you know dealing with chronic pain. Thanks! And I promise I didn't just enjoy it because there's a cupcake on the cover. Fulda is very funny but also likens her headache journey to her weight-loss journey (her first memoir, Half-Assed, was about losing half her body weight) and discusses the various friends, blog readers and well-meaning but often clueless medical professionals she encounters along the way. You can buy the book on Amazon and also visit for more information...after you read my interview!

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