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Thursday, May 06, 2010

"Are Your Breasts Real?" - my new biweekly sex column launched at Sexis Magazine!

My new column! "Secrets of a Sex Writer: 'Are Your Breasts Real?' and Other Questions Not to Ask a Sex Writer"

“Are your breasts real?” I was asked this while sitting in Happy Ending Lounge following my monthly reading series In The Flesh. True, the questioner held a postcard featuring me dressed in lingerie, holding the Njoy Eleven between my breasts, promoting a public casting of my breasts I’d had done earlier in the year. Also true: I’m a real woman, not some erotic robot without feelings. I was stunned that a stranger would ask such a personal question (and no, he wasn’t drunk), yet after writing about sex in fictional and journalistic ways for the last ten years, perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Read the whole column at Sexis Magazine (and get your free copy of the print edition at the May 20th In The Flesh Reading Series

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