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Monday, November 24, 2008

We've all had unprotected sex we shouldn't have, right?

Or maybe it's just me in my brand new dating/sex column for The Frisky. (by "brand new," I meant this is the 2nd one; the first was "Is He The One?")

I would love love love it if you'd click on over and read it and if you like it (or, you know, even if you don't, rate it and comment).

Have an idea of what I should write about? Email me at rachelravenous at - on tap are Mushiness (how much is too much?) and Flirting (as in, do you flirt with everyone, or just your s.o./people you're interested in?) You can write me about those things too.

And the column isn't called "Girl Talk" - that's a general category on The Frisky. I'm still brainstorming on a name that hasn't been done to death and doesn't sound ridiculous, and is still perky and fun. Any suggestions?

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