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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New articles on breakup sex and open marriage

I'm a little behind on blogging because I've dipped my toes back into freelance writing, with an article on breakup sex in The Washington Post's Solo-ish section and an as told to interview profiling a week in the life of a woman in an open marriage for Redbook. Regarding the latter, I was thrilled that they asked me to cover polyamory in a total non-judgmental way that highlights the experience of the polyamorous person. These assignments were also great because when I have a lot of time I tend to agonize and overthink, but with only a few days and a little over a week to complete them, I had to hustle and get busy. In my forties, I'm finally learning the ways I work best and trying to use them to my advantage and I'm very grateful to these two editors for being great to work with and giving me these opportunities.

It's felt wonderful to get back to writing; I really couldn't muster any ideas or focus right after the election, thinking everything I considered was pointless, but now I realize that life goes on and that I have to continue to learn and grow and push myself so I'm working on new pitches and pieces that I will share once they are finalized.

I've got more articles coming up, so stay tuned to my Twitter and Facebook pages, and if you like free erotica books, subscribe to my newsletter on the left side of my blog or on my website. I meant to send April's last week but didn't get to it so it'll be going out soon with a giveaway of my new anal sex erotica audiobook.

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