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Monday, February 02, 2015

I want your sex (pitches)!

As you may have noticed, I write a lot about sex, and will be doing so quite often this year. For my Philadelphia City Paper sex column, I opine on a new topic every week in print and online. Those have ranged from how to talk dirty, the state of British porn censorship, the joy of blow jobs and the now internationally famous depression fighting OrgasmQuest. I'm DAME every other Wednesday, covering topics (so far) such as female bisexuality and cunnilingus. Not that DAME is a website geared towards women so topics I'm writing about there will have that focus, but Philadelphia City Paper and other venues can be relevant to anyone (and hopefully my DAME columns are also relevant to people who aren't women). I'd love to cover some more Philadelphia-specific topics but also want to continue to explore stories like OrgasmQuest that resonate on a much wider level (that has now been covered on major sites like Jezebel and Refinery29 as well as Dr. Drew's HLN show and media in the UK).

my latest Philadelphia City Paper column
on female and male nudity

For the next little while I'm also writing for Salon, with lots of timely news stories, such as should erotica include condoms and other safe sex practices. How do I find story ideas? Reading, seeking, scouring online and offline. Often my topics are pegged to news stories or new books, but sometimes come from someone posting something on Facebook that intrigues me, or someone else emailing me and saying "this would make a good story."

So I am turning to you; I've got lots of column and article topics in the works, but I'm only one person with one brain and one set of eyeballs, so I can't be everywhere at once or be aware of every fetish or sex story around. The kinds that I especially want to cover are ones like OrgasmQuest, or one running tonight at Salon, that are about social justice issues, feminism, and improving people's sex lives, though really I'm open to just about anything. In the 15 years I've been writing about sex, in fiction and nonfiction, the biggest thing I've learned is that I always have more to learn. So if you have a story idea, whether stemming from your life, something you've read or seen, or just something you've been thinking about or want to know more about, feel free to drop me a line at rachelkb at with "Pitch" in the subject line. The more information you can give me the better. Sure, the subject could just say "hair pulling," and that is actually something I want to write about, but the more detail the better so I can figure out the best angle and venue for it.

Last but not least, THANK YOU for reading! I'm as aware as anyone that any of these opportunities could vanish tomorrow, so I want to take advantage of them while the iron is hot. I'm incredibly honored that these editors have put their faith in me and hope to to my best to give their readers thought-provoking stories.

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