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Thursday, October 09, 2014

My new weekly sex column Let's Get It On debuted in Philadelphia City Paper!

Big October news: I'm returning to my sex column roots with a new column called Let's Get It On in alt weekly Philadelphia City Paper, to run every Thursday. The first one is called "Are you a slut?" and is about The UnSlut Project, slut shaming and how we define and use the word. I've got lots of great topics planned but am also open to new ideas - feel free to email me at rachelkb at with "Column" in the subject if you'd like to suggest a topic. On Twitter we are using #cpsex as a hashtag to discuss each week's column. Very excited a decade later to be writing a new column and I will share more thoughts on that later. For now I will tell you that my column is running on a trial basis and I would love more than anything to have it continue, so if you could click, share, comment, I'd greatly appreciate it. I hope that doesn't sound too desperate, because I'm not desperate, I just am honored to get back to my love of nonfiction writing and have the opportunity to respond to timely sex news events and share my personal experiences and get virtually naked.


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