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Friday, December 06, 2013

My jigsaw puzzle erotic romance story in XOXO and Cleis Press 28% off all books sale

I often tell people you can write about anything--in my case, I've written about Monica Lewinsky, fire eating, ice, hot wax, lap dances, boxing, chess, bukkake, choking, spanking, an erotic concierge, a cage and so much more. Now I add a new twist, a jigsaw puzzle, with my story in hot off the press anthology XOXO: Sweet and Sexy Romance edited by Kristina Wright, which makes a great holiday or Valentine's Day gift. The Kindle edition will be out on December 16th and you can read a free excerpt from Christine D'Abo's story "Night Moves" at excellent romance site Heroes & Heartbreakers. I've linked to Amazon above, but authors and editors benefit anywhere you purchase their books. Speaking of which, right now Cleis Press is offering 28% off all their books. Don't miss this excellent sale! Here's the first paragraph as a teaser:
From "Puzzle Pieces" by Rachel Kramer Bussel:

I'm leaning across the dining room table, my elbows precariously placed in one of the few spots where the wood isn't covered by jigsaw puzzle pieces, straining to place a key piece of the Tropicana in its designated spot. We've been working on the two-thousand piece Las Vegas Strip puzzle, one I thought we'd finish in a weekend, for a month, so every match is a mini victory. I've just lined up the edges exactly and am ready to look for my next victim when I feel a slap on my ass that makes me gasp. I don't dare turn around to look at my boyfriend, Roger, but instead pause right where I am, drop my head, close my eyes and wait. His hand comes down again on my right cheek, and I whimper. When the third blow lands, this time on my left cheek, heat is racing through my lower half. I wiggle my ass a little, hoping he will lift up the hem of my dress and pull down my panties.

And here's the official description:
Sexy, sweet, and short, this collection of erotic romance is a box of Valentine conversation hearts, filled with fun surprises and unusual twists. With over 30 authors in the anthology and stories from Sommer Marsden, Kathleen Tudor, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Elizabeth Coldwell, Saskia Walker, and Cheyenne Blue, XOXO is a Whitman’s sampler of decadent delights and the perfect introduction to erotic romance.

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