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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Thank you, Kelly Writers House!

I'm in the midst of so many projects my to do lists have to do lists, but this week I got to teach an incredible erotic writing workshop at Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania, and I was so impressed with the students. It reinvigorated my love of writing erotica and made me remember when I was a fumbling, misplaced NYU law student discovering the world of sex-positive feminism and arranged for Lisa Palac to come to campus. I get so angry with myself so often for not writing, for having the idea and maybe getting a thousand or two or three words into a story and then putting it down, for not following my dreams, for assuming there is always something better/smarter/more competent out there, rather than going for broke, and if ever there was a time to just go for it, now is it. So I'm very grateful for these students for reminding me that I have something to say and that my mind is still full of ideas, as long as I sit down, for hours or days or weeks or months or years, tuning everything else out, and Do The Work. I hope I will soon have a book of short stories to share with you! But I also know that "hope" is probably the dumbest word to ever pair with writing. I will or I won't. I'll post here either way.

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