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Monday, August 01, 2011

Sex Diary: To schedule Sex Dates or Not?

This week's sex diary at Daily Intel, "The Personal Assistant Deciding Whether to Schedule Sex Dates," is about a couple trying to have more sex - whether they succeed or not you will have to read the diary. (I edit these, fyi, which is why I post them every week. Sometimes people ask if I've written them and I'm like, "I'd have a totally different life if I wrote some of these.")

It made me think about the fact that I've never scheduled sex, but I do think, especially in New York, finding the time for dates, with or without sex, even when you want to see the person you're seeing, is hard. I have trouble with overscheduling and would daresay another vice, of a sort, is filling my calendar with things to do. A friend introduced me to a new cafe in my neighborhood and is basically planting himself there to finish his book and I'm gonna try to work off that energy. Anyway, sex more about it in the diary. I think maybe it's something easy to mock but if it works for people, why not?

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