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Monday, September 27, 2010

Dirty Sexy Books loves Orgasmic, calls it "a glorious experience"

Check out this amazing review of Orgasmic: Erotic Stories for Women from Dirty Sexy Books (do check them out for lots of other excellent reviews). Also remember that you can hear Velvet Moore read from the excellent chemistry sex story "Chemistry" on October 21st, live and free with free cupcakes, at In The Flesh Reading Series. From the review:

It’s Orgasmic indeed. Some of these stories sent me straight to the moon, and then I drifted back down to earth only to take off again on the next page. After I finished this book it occurred to me that I’ve never read anything that focuses so wholly on female satisfaction. I think men tend to steal the limelight since they express arousal and orgasm in such a visual fashion. Women know how to hide it and fake it like pros, and sometimes that works against us, because our bodies are not simple to decipher, and oh! the frustration when we desperately want someone to break our code and read us like a book. That happens in Orgasmic, and it’s a glorious experience.

“Chemistry” by Velvet Moore starts with the line, “The smell of science makes me horny.” After reading about what happens to a hospital administrator in a laboratory, I can certainly understand why. The heroine in “Seeing Stars” by Louisa Harte suffers on a camping trip until she learns that exposing herself in nature can draw forth her primitive side, and every soft breeze or cool drop of rain is a sensory explosion while making love under the stars. Another couple has stealth sex in a public place while watching a lunar eclipse in “Moon Tantra” by Teresa Noelle Roberts.

As hot as I found the outdoor action, I was just as tantalized when things moved inside. ”Making Shapes” by Lily Harlem portrayed a woman who is my kind of artisan, and she makes functional art based on molds of her client’s most intimate parts. Who ever heard of falling in love with a penis at first sight? Well, it happens here. ”Animal Inside” by Neve Black is a voyeur’s dream, with a hole in the wall and two strangers enjoying their separate, yet shared, experiences. In “The London O” by Justine Elyot, a woman teases her lover with tales of past escapades, only to have him top them all with the help of a special pair of knickers.

These were just some of my favorites from this Orgasmic collection. Ladies, enjoy yourselves.

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