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Monday, April 13, 2009

Kudos to Rattled! author Christine Coppa

Normally I'd have ordered Glamour's Storked! blogger Christine Coppa's single mom memoir Rattled!* by now so that would be mailing it to me, but because of Amazonfail I haven't, but I will seek it out in a real bookstore tomorrow or Wednesday. She's reading Wednesday night at the Barnes & Noble in Greenwich Village and her son JD will also be making an appearance.

Anyway, what I wanted to share is how refreshing it was to read this simple statement from Coppa in her interview by Lynne Shear at The Huffington Post:

The great thing about your blog is that you readily admit your own mistakes.

My ex and I had sex, fully aware I was not on the pill and he was not wearing a condom and I take full responsibility for that and tell people religiously on my blog I was stupid for having sex sans protection. And by the way, having a baby isn't the only responsible version of my story. Choosing to have an abortion or adoption because you can't support the child or don't want to be a mother is also quite responsible.

She doesn't say her way was the only way. She doesn't make it about anything other than her taking responsibility and making the best out of the situation she found herself in. Kudos to Coppa for making such a simple yet so important statement.

*Yes, I am linking to Amazon because I'm part of their affiliate program and I do believe they are working to fix their "embarrassing and ham-fisted cataloging error," even though I think they were late to the fixing game and still having put the rankings back for my books, but I'll save the rest of that sage for another post.

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