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Monday, February 02, 2009

Great day on the professional front

I checked out of the Fairmont and have been hanging at the offices of my publisher, Cleis Press, brainstorming away. Also realizing that next week, Thursday, February 12th, is my Erotica Workshop at the 92nd Street Y, and Valentine's Day, and, hopefully, the debut of my new book trailer! Where'd January go?

In happy news, I will be editing Best Sex Writing 2010. More info on it soon, deadline for submissions will be June 1, 2009.

And...we are going to do another virtual book tour, for Do Not Disturb and The Mile High Club, in April. I'd need you to post the book cover and link to Amazon and the book's blog (you could cover either one) and write a little something, or run an excerpt or interview. If you're interested, write me at rachelravenous at with your URL, and we'll get back to you soon!

I'm feeling better, and hoping to get back on track with things, and start to get my life in order, at least, the parts of it that are out of order. Still kinda sad about the whole ex mess thing but I also need to move on, way on.

And check this out by the awesome piece by Jennifer Armstrong of Sirens Magazine, reprinted at Alternet, where she asks "Why Is Sex Writing the Fastest Way for Women Writers to Get Ahead?" Here's a little bit:

My question, though: Can't sex be so much more interesting than your own string of one-night stands? Well, yes. (Little-discussed problem with one-night stands: They're kinda boring a lot of the time.) And there's plenty of great sex coverage out there. Rachel Kramer Bussel brings us a bunch in her new anthology, "Best Sex Writing 2009″. (She also happens to put out some spectacular erotica collections, but notice that she knows there's a difference between the two.) The Sexies, God bless them, recognize the best sex writing every year -- and hold the standards high. (They call writers out on "wince-inducing grisliness" and lack of depth -- all-too-common problems with any sex writing.) And over at Nerve, well, they pretty much invented quality online sex journalism -- check out their recent anthology, "Nerve: The First Ten Years" for proof.

Here's to hoping for 10 more years of great sex coverage -- without anyone having to whore themselves out, figuratively or literally.

There is already a really stupid comment:

Or you could write something good...something that uses language in an original, inventive way, something that makes people feel after they've read it that they've gotten something more substantial than narcissistic ramblngs and masturbation fodder. You know, the sort of stuff real writers, like Margaret Atwood and Marilynne Robinson, come up with. But that of course takes effort, and talent, and a wilingness to wait until you've produced something worth reading before throwing it out to your audience. Why bother with that, when 500 words about the guy you blew two weekends ago makes you seem so edgy and truthful...

One more reminder: Me, Violet Blue, Tracy Clark-Flory and free cupcakes tonight at Booksmith, 1644 Haight Street, San Francisco, 7:30!

This is a little random, but I thought you might like it - snapped it in Oakland, after trying to go to Bakesale Betty only to find them sold out!

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