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Monday, December 08, 2008

Singledom and breakup sex

So, um, I'm single. I pretty much break it down in my new column about breakup sex. Dating Drama, indeed, no? It's complicated, which is still what my Facebook status says (I meant to include that in the column but I forgot).

And sorry (kinda) to be so shameless but...if you like my column, would love it if you'd repost/comment/rate it at The Frisky. I say that both because, yes, it looks good to my editors if people are talking about it, but also because I get so much out of the sharing and commentary, especially at that site. My unprotected sex column was hotly debated and trust me, I read every comment and keep them in mind, and am always on the lookout for future columns and interviewees. One topic I plan to tackle (suggested by a reader) is: Is Sex Better When You're in Love? And there's much more, since I'm writing weekly. Thank you!

A little update on my day...Flew in on the redeye (again, loved Virgin America and wish I could fly them all the time). Was bittersweet in many ways as I would have loved to stay a little longer. Have been kindof in a fog all day, but I had taken the day off and basked in the sun (and wind) a bit. Was nice to just have a day to chill, now I'm off to a wedding. There shall be photos I'm sure.

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At December 08, 2008, Anonymous R. said...

It's a nice article, but I would've liked more about the pros and cons of breakup sex and your feelings about the practice in general.


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