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Monday, December 31, 2012

Yes, I want to edit your sex diaries

Lots of people tell me they've wanted to write a sex diary but...something stopped them. With a new year approaching, if you've wanted to write one, here's a nudge to consider writing an anonymous sex diary and letting out your inner literary exhibitionist. You can read the previous diaries here to get a sense of the style and content. There's no minimum (or maximum!) amount of sex required, or any other requirements, for that matter, in terms of sexual content, just a lively, interesting personality and way of looking at your own life (as far as I'm concerned). Email me at sexdiaries at if you're interested (and/or plan to have a wild and sexy New Year's Eve). Thank you for reading and for referring people to the diaries. It's greatly appreciated! Happy, sexy New Year!

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