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Monday, February 07, 2011

Saturday night! Williamsburg! Storytelling! $5! Tough Love Boulevard...

I'm so tired today from staying up til 4 trying to write procrastinating that I left my refillable mug at Starbucks. Full of coffee. That was sad. I will be more perky and awake on Saturday night when I tell a story of tough love. Which story of tough love I am trying to figure out...the one about the socialist? the one about the person I keep freaking dreaming about (literally, in my dreams, at night, once even with him and Sarah Palin)? the one about...?

Sign up at the mailing list here for a discount. If you get to Williamsburg before 6 I highly, highly recommend stopping by Saltie. I ate their Clean Slate sandwich on Saturday and Sunday. A photo is below, but each time it's a little different - Saturday the beets were in mini rectangles, Sunday they were shredded. It's homemade naan bread, hummus, yogurt and assorted crunchy bits. I also shared a chocolate meringue and seriously. So. Good.

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Clean Slate at Saltie

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