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Thursday, August 05, 2010

The BlogHer panel I'd totally attend if I weren't going to Martha's Vineyard: "Bringing Sex Out of the Closet"

I'm gonna try to start posting here more often...emphasis on "try" as I'm behind on multiple books and have lots of, well, life going on.

Like this weekend, I'll be taking the SeaStreak boat for the first time to spend 36 hours with my family on Martha's Vineyard and attend my aunt's memorial service. And maybe swim and eat cupcakes and chill with the fam. So I will sadly not be able to attend any of the official BlogHer conference. I'm especially bummed to miss this panel tomorrow:

Bringing Sex Out of the Closet
August 6, 2:45-4 pm
Sponsored by EdenFantasys

Did you take sex ed in high school? Did your parents give you "the talk" when you were a kid? You're an adult now, and it's time to take matters into your own hands. (Sometimes literally!) Being a better businesswoman, partner and mother is easier when you have an emotionally healthy sex life. This session discusses how to engage the Internet to its fullest potential to meet your sexual needs. Join moderator Twanna Hines, who blogs at;  AV Flox, who writes at Sex and the 405; Genia Stevens, who produces Sister Talk RadioMominatrix sex advice columnist, Kristen Chase; and BDSM blogger Tess Danesi, who blogs at Urban Gypsy, for a rousing and frank discussion about sex for smart women who want to improve their lives. Takeaways include but are not limited to:

How can I safely and/or anonymously experiment with my sexual identity online?
Where are the best Web resources for sexual health information?
Can the Internet save my relationship?

Read more about the panelists here.

Speaking of bringing sex out of the closet, be sure to read Yes Means Yes co-editor Jaclyn Friedman's very brave, honest post "My Sluthood, Myself at Jezebel.

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