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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

4 erotic writing workshops at SHAG in Williamsburg

So if you've seen my RSS calendar feed on the left, you'll know that it's my, shall we say, busy season. I'm wrapping up some anthologies, start to read for others, finishing my novel, working on a New York City sexy guidebook, writing The Art of the Erotic Love Letter and doing 11 events between tomorrow and March 6th, and going to my full-time job/gym/therapist. And I started a book blog, which I'll reveal once I've actually posted on it. You know, no big deal. Just kidding; if you see me anytime soon and I'm drooping with exhaustion, that's why. It's exciting but very much overwhelming, and after March I need to assess which projects I can keep doing and which I can't. In the meantime, I'm just doing what I can and hoping people show up and, more importantly, that I show up, that I put forth my best effort, because I often don't.

But what I'm most looking forward to on my upcoming trips are seeing my uncle and cousins in Eugene, reading with my writer pals Janet Hardy, Kerry Cohen and Diana Joseph, and meeting bakery owners and cupcake fans. And getting my face on cupcakes in Seattle (working on picking out the best photo for that!). And writing. I've missed it; I've been very stuck in my creativity and I'm looking to get that back. And if that makes someone not want to take my erotica class, so be it. I've had I believe over 100 erotic short stories published (I will have to do a thorough count someday) and have published many hundreds of them in my books so I think that should be enough. The thing is, I don't always have that creative spark every day. Or I do, but it gets buried under to do lists and event promotion and daily life and I ignore it. I set aside those flickers of ideas, I lug around books on writing only to ignore them, I don't follow through. And that's my real sticking point when it comes to finishing the writing that needs to get done, not the starting.

I'm excited about these workshops because I like hearing what others cook up, like incorporating our surroundings, like learning new things about people. Yes, I'm teaching, but I am, even more, there to encourage people to put forth the erotic ideas they already have inside them (and help brainstorm new ideas). I'm looking to find new writers and nurture new stories. Hence, my 4 weeks of erotica classes at know, the store where tomorrow night I'm baring my boobs and getting them cast. Twice.

Erotic writing workshop details. As stated below, you can take one or more classes; it's cheaper if you take all 4 and we'll be covering different topics each time. Yes, it skips a week because I'll be away. Maybe if there are folks taking all 4 classes I'll give homework!

February 6, 13 & 27, March 6
Erotic Writing Workshops at Shag

Acclaimed erotica writer Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor of over 30 anthologies, including IPPY Award-winning Tasting Him: Oral Sex Stories and Tasting Her: Oral Sex Stories, as well as The Mile High Club, Peep Show, Bottoms Up, Spanked, He's on Top, She's on Top, Dirty Girls and more, will teach 4 erotic writing workshops at Shag in Williamsburg. Each class will be different, focusing on the erotica market, in-class writing exercises, storytelling using varying viewpoints, props, locations, and how to publish erotica. Call Shag at 347-721-3302 or email weloveshag at to register. Pre-registration is required. Maximum attendance is 20 people per class. Prices listed below. Free handouts with erotic writing resources will be given out.

* $20 single workshop
* $18 each for 2 workshops ($36 total)
* $16 each for 3 workshops ($48 total)
* $13 each for all 4 workshops ($52 total)

Shag, 108 Roebling Street, Brooklyn, NY (Williamsburg, L to Lorimer)

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