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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Serendipity and writing conferences

I often forget to email my updates to the Backspace mailing list (if you're a writer, do consider joining), but this month, I didn't forget. That led to emailing and then talking with the wonderful Karen Dionne, thriller writer and Backspace organizer, who invited me to speak at the 2010 Backspace Writers Conference which will be held in New York May 28-29, right after BEA. We're still working out what'll happen, I think I'll be moderating a panel on writing sex scenes.

I'm still trying to figure out my SXSW plans - I want to go but would need to be on a panel because I can't afford the conference cost. I'm available to talk about food blogging, dating/sex blogging, media, cupcakes, social networking and blogging...etc. rachelkramerbussel at

And in April I go to the AWP Conference in Denver. Lots of travel booking up for 2010, which is always exciting. I love visiting new cities (and cupcakeries) and just seeing someplace new. I also want to go back to Toronto in the fall - that city came closest to being somewhere I could eventually see myself.

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