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Friday, June 12, 2009

Market cracking: Best Gay Erotica 2010

I couldn't be more excited to have a story coming out (ha!) in Best Gay Erotica 2010.

I will never forget seeing my very first anthology inclusion, in Best Lesbian Erotica 2001, in a bookstore. I teared up. It was very exciting. Almost ten years later, I am still trying to push myself as an erotica writer, to go new places with my stories, to go deeper, darker, less light, like that first one, "Monica and Me," more serious. Personal, sometimes, yes, but also so not about me at all, like this story. And breaking into new markets, like this, and Black Lace, means the world to me. It means I've evolved, that I'm not just writing the same story over and over again, which I feared I was doing for a while. I'm so honored to be included with such stellar company, and thank editor Richard Labonté and guest judge Blair Mastbaum for deeming my story "Better Late Than Never" (with a bisexual, or at least, divorced from a woman, protagonist) worthy of inclusion. I'll share a preview of my story closer to the pub date in December.

Here's the Table of Contents:

Foreword Richard Labonté

Introduction: Really, It’s All You, and All Natural Blair Mastbaum

Holiday from Love Hank Fenwick

The Hippie Down-Low Natty Soltesz

The Stray David May

I Wish Richard Hennebert

The Suburban Boy Simon Sheppard

“fifteen minutes naked” Jimmy Hamada

A Beautiful Face Robert Patrick

We Messed Around at the El Camino Motel Shane Allison

Cell 13 Tommy Lee “Doc” Boggs

Better Late Than Never Rachel Kramer Bussel

The Boy in the Middle Thom Wolf

Frazzled Trebor Healey

Under the Rushes David Holly

8 Beautiful Boys 8: The Follies Revisited Jamie Freeman

Smoke and Semen Jeff Mann

Colin and Gregory: 1956 Jonathan Kemp

The Bed from Craigslist Rob Wolfsham

The Stuffed Turkey Jan Vander Laenen

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At June 12, 2009, Blogger Mad said...


At June 17, 2009, Anonymous Rob W. said...

Big congratulations to you. The stories look like a lot of fun judging from the titles. Can't wait to read it.


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