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Monday, April 27, 2009

My favorite hate mail: why I'm like Hitler!

If you ever are stuck for something to read in public, here's a hint: go with the hate mail. It's comedy gold! Seriously.

Saturday night I performed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at The Brick Theater for the awesome John DeVore's show Broke. Culturebot taped it and you can catch a little of my banter with John, then me reading about why I'm like Hitler and other fun stuff about who should pay for dates (based on a 2006 Village Voice column I wrote):

The next Broke is May 23rd. Thanks to John for being such a hilarious, fun host and for having me on the show.

This topic comes up all the time.

Witness two recent posts:

Glamour's Smitten blog: "True Dating Confession: My boyfriend and I always split the bill."

Amelia at The Frisky calls going dutch a "dating trend" and shares her recent experience with it.

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