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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Major book lust - Cooking Cute

photo via Cooking Cute

from Publishers Marketplace:

Japanese pop-culture blogger La Carmina's COOKING CUTE, a "kawaii" (think Hello, Kitty) cookbook that brings the recent trend of personified bento boxes to an American palate, to Meg Leder at Perigee, by Lindsay Edgecombe at Levine Greenberg Literary Agency (word).

This is a perfect time to tell you that tomorrow the SXSW Panel Picker goes live, and I will be spamming you like crazy to vote for my food blogger panel (with free cupcakes!) "Nom Nom Nom: The Secrets of Successful Foodblogging." (which, if there's room, I just may ask La Carmina to be on!)

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At August 07, 2008, Anonymous Ellie said...

Ahh! I went through a bento phase for awhile. It was nothing this elaborate but it was still so time-consuming. But, I miss those fun lunches.

At October 26, 2008, Anonymous La Carmina said...

Hi lady,
Thanks for your sweet writeup! I'd love to collaborate, whether on a blogging panel, reading, or anything. You can contact me at - tons of daily updates from TOKYO at !


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