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Friday, February 08, 2019

Kim Kardashian West will write foreword for freed convict Alice Marie Johnson's memoir After Life

My latest for Forbes online mentions a different Kardashian than my Lamar Odom article. This new one is about criminal justice reform and the forthcoming memoir After Life by Alice Marie Johnson, which will have a foreword by Kim Kardashian West. Hope you'll check it out (whether you care about either of those topics, or just want to support my writing). You can also follow me at Forbes's site if you want to get emailed when I write new articles. I write seven per month. If you're a book publicist, editor or literary agent and have a potential story idea related to book publishing news or trends, feel free to email me at mail at with the subject line "Forbes" and I'll consider it (though I have most of my story ideas set through April, I'm always on the lookout for timely subjects).

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