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Monday, June 04, 2018

The Frisky archives got deleted and I have mixed feelings

At Medium, I wrote about The Frisky archives getting deleted and my mixed feelings over having some of my most memorable essays (sex with a Top Chef contestant, if you recall) deleted. Researching this essay took me back to every time I sold a piece to The Frisky and was so thrilled. If you like it, please share, clap (hold down the hands button 1-50 times) and follow me on Medium, where I'm aiming to post 30 times in June. You can find me posting more frequently on Twitter (my favorite even if social media professionals tell me it's "dead"), Facebook and Instagram (and do follow the Best Women's Erotica Instagram too).


Also, in my early morning haste, I've now made this blog a mess. My apologies to anyone reading it on the blog page. I'm working on getting the layout fixed but also getting ready for my Berlin trip so it may look like this for a bit longer. Sorry!

If this month, and all my years of self-employment, have taught me anything it's that I have to prioritize. I'm still dreadful at that, but I'm trying, so since this blog isn't income-generating, it can't be my top priority, but I haven't given up on it. It's often the seemingly small tasks that I think will take five or ten minutes that spread into a half hour or hour and eat up my writing time, so I do my best to balance it all and focus on being the best businesswoman I can first and foremost, because without income, I...well, I would be in a very dire situation. So it's business first, all secondary things second. It took me so long to think of myself as a businesswoman, but last month I had a call to discuss a large branded content project and it reminded me that no, I didn't graduate law school and I don't wear suits and I constantly feel behind and stressed out (working on that too) and I ruined my blog code at five a.m., but I'm still respected enough in my field that people contact me about professional opportunities. That's a tradeoff I'm happy to make.

Speaking of priorities, one of mine that I developed at Alt Summit is finally getting my website revised. I'll be switching to Squarespace and am getting the copy ready for my web designer this week. I've got several fun writing and teaching projects in the works that I will share soon, but first I'm aiming to sell out my Berlin erotica writing workshop. Everything else happens after that.

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