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Thursday, December 28, 2017

$1.99 sale this week on erotica anthology Begging for It!

I'm thrilled to be ending 2017 with a $1.99 erotica ebook sale on my Cleis Press anthology Begging for It: Erotic Fantasies for Women! Get it through December 31 for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Google Play or Kobo.


What's extra exciting is that this is my third sale this month; if you want to be the first to know about them, follow me on BookBub, aka my favorite website. Why? Because I have discovered so many amazing authors through them, and because these sales always lead to new readers and lots of sales, which helps pay my rent and gives me some extra money to do my monthly newsletter giveaways. So if you haven't read Begging for It, now's the time to check out these sexy stories for a super cheap price and/or give it to someone who could use some erotica in their lives.

Here's more about what's in Begging for It:

Introduction and table of contents:

Introduction: Beggars and Choosers Rachel Kramer Bussel Symphony Dena Hankins
Tabitha the Cat Lauren Marie Fleming
Leo Rising Suleikha Snyder
Orcas Regina Kammer
Morning’s Come Sommer Marsden
Babes Elizabeth Black
Entreé Nous Darsie Hemingway
Dollymop Malin James
Best Laid Plans Oleander Plume
Lipstick M. Birds
Rediscovery Hedonist Six
A Proven Therapeutic Fact D. L. King
Caught Rei Pardieu
Jane’s Fantasy, Your Fantasy Annabeth Leong
Self-Denial Tilly Hunter
Ruthless Claire de Winter
Sucker Rachel Kramer Bussel
Apple Thighs Jade A. Waters
Little Girl Blue Laila Blake
Do Robots Breathe? Tamsin Flowers
Introduction: Beggars and Choosers

Judging from the title Begging for It, you might picture women with their tongues hanging out, perhaps a little drool pooling on their lips, come-hither eyes, kneeling, breasts thrust forward, ripe and ready and eager. And you’d be right—but not entirely right.

The women you’ll meet in this book manage to beg in all sorts of ways—boldly, silently, sweetly, submissively, nastily, hungrily. Sometimes, their begging is quiet ardent, clear as a whistle, but other times, they may not even know what it is they’re begging for. Each of them, though, is on a journey, a path to find something that’s missing from her life at the start. Some are searching for a lover—or more than one—while others have a partner in lust but are still seeking a bit of magic, daring, adventure, to lure them somewhere they’ve been longing—begging—to go, if only in their dreams.

For this anthology, I wanted stories that spoke to the many ways fantasies can play out in our lives. I wanted femme fatales and shy, unsure women, those who have glimpsed their truest desires briefly but have yet to fully indulge them. I wanted the kind of women whose sexual energy radiates off of them, the kind who turn heads no matter what they’re doing, the kind who look just-been-fucked—or just-fucked-someone—whether they actually have or not.

What I got were women who do indeed know what they want, whether it’s rope bondage or humiliation, a corset or an erotic adventure, robots or rough sex, but who are also open to finding unexpected, incredible pleasure they could not have imagined. They’re women on a mission, but they never know where exactly those missions will lead, and to me, that’s the best part of sex, and erotica: that each time might wow us anew. When Lauren Marie Fleming writes, “I was wet, so wet I thought I’d drip on the floor, and my nipples were as hard as my clit, both threatening to make me come with the slightest touch,” I’m right there with her, as Tabitha discovers what suspension can truly do for her, not to mention sexy Caleb.

These lusty ladies fall for cowboys, bosses, drag queens, rope wranglers, threesomes, Sirs and strangers, yet they never lose sight of that inner spark that has pushed them to say yes. In giving themselves to the objects of their affection, they’re gaining something equally valuable. Sometimes, there’s a different kind of give and take involved, such as with the masseuse in D. L. King’s “A Proven Therapeutic Fact,” who makes the delivery of a spanking a very special event.

These women are both begging and demanding, but most importantly, discovering the thrill of the unexpected. They are all sexual adventurers daring to go where they’ve never been before, or have only been in their dreams.

Rachel Kramer Bussel

Don't miss reading Begging for It for $1.99 this week only, through December 31, 2017:




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