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Thursday, February 09, 2017

15 erotica authors share their fiction inspiration

Over on the Best Women's Erotica of the Year Tumblr, I've had the pleasure of interviewing 15 (so far) of the contributors to BWE of the Year, Volume 2, about their erotica history, writing process, inspiration for their stories, favorite lines and future plans. I wanted to share those interviews and some fabulous quotes with you as I listen to the rain while waiting to take Amtrak to Baltimore for the next stop on the book tour. And more interviews are scheduled through March so keep reading our Tumblr and following us @BWEoftheyear on Twitter.

I'll conclude by giving you easy ways to read or listen to the book, and I encourage you to also ask for it at your local library (yes, it may be nerve-wracking to ask for a sexy book, but they're librarians, they've heard all sorts of requests and if they are at all good at their job, they won't judge you, but will be happy to help their users) or bookstore.

I'm starting with the authors you'll hear at our book events and including the cities where you can hear them (Abigail Ekue can't make our Baltimore reading due to weather, but you can catch her in New York and Jersey City).

Jordan Monroe, "Performance" (Baltimore)


Abigail Ekue, "Cigarro Tarde" (New York, Jersey City)


Stella Watts Kelley, "Teacher Appreciation" (New York, Jersey City)

Teacher -2

Vierra Lai, "A Hint of Lime" (New York, Jersey City)

A Hint of Lime by Vierra Lai-1

Annabeth Leong, "On Some Maps, But Not on Others" (New York, Jersey City)


Melina Greenport, "The House on Orchard"


Jocelyn Bringas, "Taste"

Taste Image

Kristy Harding, "Another Way to Start a Fire"


Kate Sebastian, "On the Calendar"


Corrine A. Silver, "Her Best"

?Make me into something you could love, even if it?s just for this moment and just for the beauty of the shape you?ve made me. I don?t care if you break me to do it.?-1

Dorianne, "Like Lights in the Northern Sky"


Garnell Wallace, "Beautiful Broken Things"

broken things edit

Winter Blair, "At the End of the World"


Kay Jaybee, "Brick Dust"


Josie Jordan, "Volcano Nights"


And of course, please read or listen to Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 2 for these authors' stories in all their full glory:

Amazon (print)

Kindle (ebook) (print)

Nook (ebook)



IndieBound (find your local independent bookstore)

Audible audiobook

Google Play


Amazon UK (print)

Amazon UK (Kindle)

Amazon Canada (print)

Amazon Canada (Kindle)

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