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Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekend writing inspiration from me

I'm thrilled to report that my latest LitReactor writing class, which began this week, sold out - thank you for spreading the word if you did, or just reading my posts about it. I'll share when I'm teaching there again in 2017; I have a lot on my plate the rest of the year and won't have the time to devote to it again in 2016, but I'm cooking up other offerings and also do private erotica writing consulting. One of the most interesting things is hearing about how those in the class came to hear about it and decided to sign up. That's private, but for me it's always eye-opening, when someone takes that leap and opts to devote themselves to whatever it is they're passionate about.

I'm working on assorted essays and articles and pitches that I'm excited about and have been delving into some new arenas, including some much more lighthearted blogging over at the newly launched, which is all about New Jersey celebrities, culture, events, entertainment, beauty and fashion. If you think that might be up your alley, check it out. Thing I most enjoyed working on: posting a video of Snooki doing pushups with her 3-year-old son. I also got a crash course in using Wordpress and am feeling like I did back when I started blogging for the first time on Tripod back in 1997 or so.

But what I really wanted to share was my latest Lady Smut post, entitled "Please keep writing, because the world wants your sexy words". I had another subject in mind, but this felt more urgent. I've also struggled over writing a mission statement, because it's felt pretentious and daunting, so I managed to settle on this, which I put on my Amazon profile: "My mission is to tell powerful stories and encourage others to get their words on the page and into the world." That's simple but something I really strive to accomplish, whether I'm writing an essay, a fiction story, interviewing someone or anything else.

I'll leave you with a shot of me signing my books at BEA, which was a whirlwind to do in one day and not something I recommend (although three full days is a lot too!). I had a great time and returned really energized and excited about books and book people and my upcoming titles. I hope you'll read the Lady Smut post, or bookmark it for a time when you need a little boost of inspiration.


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