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Monday, February 29, 2016

When a book gets a second chance makeover, or, erotic romance anthology I Want You Bad is just $1.99 this week

To cut to the chase, my anthology I Want You Bad: Obsessed Erotic Romance for Women (formerly titled Obsessed), is only $1.99 this week on Kindle, Nook, Google Play, iBooks and Kobo. I don't know exactly how long the sale lasts, but probably until Friday, so if you're interested, grab it now for a cheap and sexy download!


Longer version: Sometimes, despite my best efforts, my books just fail to reach a wide audience. It could be the timing, the cover, the competition. Who knows? Sometimes it's that a major chain like Borders is closing right then the book comes out. I've edited over 60 anthologies and some of them are major sellers, and some, not so much. One of the latter was my erotic romance anthology Obsessed, despite the book cover cupcakes I had made for the book launch party and the usual attention to promotion I put into it. But what's very cool is that this book I could have considered a failure for not selling well got new life last year with a new cover and title: I Want You Bad: Obsessed Erotic Romance for Women. So if you read Obsessed, you don't need this one because the content is the same. But if you didn't, now's the perfect time to do so at a bargain price.

Many of my non-Cleis Press books were published with publishers like Alyson that have since closed up shop, and are no longer available. Those early titles never came out in ebook form so they don't get to live on in any way that helps me make a living (yes, you can buy used copies, but I get no royalties). That's a shame to me, because I love those books just as much as the newer ones, although I'd like to think my skills as an anthology editor have improved over the 12 years I've been doing it. My point is, getting a do-over on a book feels like a wonderful gift. How often in life have we bombed and would love to get the chance to start afresh? I know I have countless moments where that would be extremely welcome. In the rest of my life, I don't get those chances very often, but with this book, I did, and I treasure that because I believe in the stories and my authors and the collection.

I Want You Bad table of contents:

Foreword: Behind the Mask of Obsession Caridad Piñeiro
Introduction Rachel Kramer Bussel

Silent Treatment Donna George Storey
One Night in Paris Kayla Perrin
Concubine Portia Da Costa
Love and Demotion Logan Belle
Mephisto Waltz Justine Elyot
Then Emerald
It’s Gotta Be Fate Jennifer Peters
Hooked Ariel Graham
Aftershocks Bella Andre
Secret Places Adele Haze
Loser Charlotte Stein
Here In Between Kristina Wright
Spellbound by Garnell Wallace
Raven’s Flight Andrea Dale
Raindrops and Rooftops Elizabeth Coldwell
Topiary K. D. Grace
I Want to Hold Your Hand Rachel Kramer Bussel
(this one is my free erotic romance story gift to you, part of my Big Handsome Man stories and from a period where I was naming stories after songs) Storm Surge Teresa Noelle Roberts
Undercover Kink Louisa Harte

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