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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"My life as a feminist submissive" interview series part 2 at

The first entry in my submissive feminist interview series at struck a nerve, and on Friday, part 2 went up with the title "My life as a submissive feminist." I see these as an addition to the plethora (though that's an understatement in this case!) of information out there about Fifty Shades of Grey. Why I was especially interested is because I believe in the power of personal stories not to stand in for anyone other than the person telling the story, but as a way to make a topic, in this case, submission, BDSM and feminism, understandable. Maybe relatable, maybe not. I don't think a personal story has to have an agenda, I just think it has to be honest, and these women were extremely honest about a combination of topics that often get treated as if they can't go together.


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