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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My Christmas sex column is on a 29-year-old Catholic virgin who's critiquing purity culture

My last column of 2015 will be officially published in print on Christmas Day (as it is every Thursday) but arrived online two days early! In "Meet a happy 29-year-old virgin", I profile Chastity is For Lovers author Arleen Spenceley, whose book from Ave Maria Press I discovered thanks to the brilliance that is Netgalley. I'm so glad I did because her writing is smart, passionate, personal and thought-provoking. Do I agree with all of it? Well, read my column to find out, but you can probably guess. Do I want to keep writing columns like this that make me think and grapple and learn about a side of sexual culture I'd never considered before? A thousand times yes! My dream is to get to write this column every week of 2015. If you want to show Philadelphia City Paper that this is a good idea, please check it out, like it, pass it on, comment, tell me what else I should be writing about, etc. Thanks for reading!


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