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Friday, December 05, 2014

Hotel erotica sale: Suite Encounters paperback is only $4.84 on Amazon right now (but don't buy the audiobook!)

I can be a bit obsessive, and when I can't sleep or can't make myself do something legitimately productive, I browse Amazon for books to buy or add to my to read list and to see how my own books are doing. Sometimes my "pointless" activity yields something useful, like the fact that, for who knows how long, my anthology Suite Encounters: Hotel Sex Stories, is only $4.84 for the paperback version as of this posting at 8:42 a.m. EST on December 5th. Since I have no idea how long this will last (I didn't take a screenshot but I believe a few days ago it was also marked down in the $5 or $6 range), so if you like hot hotel smut, I'd act on this now.


My story was inspired by a stay a few years ago at a Westin and their amenities menu. I love writing about characters with quirky, sexy jobs, and in this one, my protagonist is asked to organize and take part in an orgy. She does it, but not just for her paycheck. You can also get the book in other formats, but there's one I will actively NOT recommend, and that's the audiobook. I love the fact that so many people are listening to audiobooks, and the work Rose Caraway and Lucy Malone and several others have done with my books is outstanding. On the other hand, Lili Tulip, who narrated the Suite Encounters audiobook, did so with a robotic type of voice that just does not work for me or most readers, so much so that when I became aware of the problem via correctly unhappy customers, I made sure to request other narrators in the future. That being said, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this book, which makes a great sexy holiday gift or couples vacation reading, and this paperback bargain is one of the cheapest. I don't know how long it will last or even when it's at such a cheap price, but it's a steal.

Here's the first 1,500 words or so of my story "Special Request" - I hope you'll check out the rest too!

"Special Request" by Rachel Kramer Bussel from Suite Encounters: Hotel Sex Stories
I love my job as a hotel concierge, because every day is utterly different from the last. One day I might be called upon to have a treadmill, exercise bike, yoga instructor or Reiki healer sent to a room, another day it might be a pet snake or exotic foodstuff. My hotel specializes in offering anything a customer wants, for a price, and I’m the go-to person, the professional procurer.

I’m paid handsomely for the job—as I should be, considering it involves crazy hours and traversing all the hidden nooks and crannies of Los Angeles, and sometimes other parts of California—but that’s not what I love best about it. I love it because I’m a people person, and there’s no better job for meeting new people every day than catering to the demands of a high-end hotel’s ritziest, most demanding customers. I graduated with a degree in sociology but quickly learned the best way of studying human beings isn’t by studying them, but by interacting with them and being privy to their secrets. I was like a special combination of therapist and magician, ready to listen to the oddest of requests and produce the desired results, while sparing my clients any of the tedium of decision-making. All they had to do was decide they wanted something, and I made it happen. I’d been doing the job for five years, on a lucky break fresh out of college after applying for the job and being sent on what amounted to a scavenger hunt. I received a hefty bonus each year and was treated as a key part of the team. I was at every important meeting, and while my name didn’t appear in the hotel’s literature or press releases, the fact that we offered every amenity one could imagine was clearly stated. My existence was a little bit under-the-radar, but word got around, and often I’d be requested by name by clients who wouldn’t part with the information about their needs unless we were in a locked room and they’d made sure nobody else was listening. Basically, I’m paid to be discreet, discerning, direct and thorough, to listen without judgment. As long as the client can pay our fees, they can have anything flown in from anywhere; they can buy goods, services, and even sex—for the right price. I’d even signed a noncompete, and while I knew I hadn’t seen everything, I thought I’d come pretty damn close—but nothing had prepared me for Claudine.

Usually the people making the requests were men. Rich men, sometimes Hollywood stars, since we’re located in Beverly Hills; sometimes athletes, sometimes politicians or princes or just your average millionaire or even wild-card billionaire who wants the fluffiest towels, a new designer bathrobe every day, private access to the hot tub, and a pretty woman to fluff the towels, not to mention fluff him if desired. I don’t mind even the most obscure requests, since at the end of the day, I know I’m helping brighten someone’s visit, and giving them the kind of full service no other hotel can match.

Sometimes it’s a couple desiring my services, the husband busy with meetings while the wife wants a guided tour of the best shops and spas, or a partner to hike mountains with. Maybe she’ll be dripping with diamonds, and ask for her food to be steamed and spiced to perfection, but with no fat. I’d sought out tattoo artists, feng shui specialists for long-term guests, nutritionists, manicurists, Japanese hair-straightening specialists, and more. But Claudine wanted something entirely different. “This is all confidential, right? You don’t have the room bugged or anything, do you?” she asked as I sat in a chair and watched her, my face professional but utterly curious. She was clearly not a lady who lunched—at least, not at any of the high-end see-and-be-seen restaurants my clients usually requested. Her elegance wasn’t about designer labels, but an air of both entitlement and sexual power; she radiated her body heat across the room, so I knew it was going to be one of the racier requests I’d handled even before she spoke.

“Of course not. Your privacy and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us. To me.” I was surprised at her cautiousness. She was younger than I’d expected, not a wealthy widow or CEO, but a girl, really, who looked close to my age, twenty-eight. Her clothes were simple enough on the surface, though the jeans were designer, the white blouse clearly silk, the lacy white bra beneath it sturdily sculpted, showcasing her beautiful breasts, and the five-inch leopard-print heels were fierce, proclaiming her a woman not to mess with. There were no flowers in her hair or on her clothing; she was a woman who meant business, even though her business was of a kind only a woman like me could provide.

“So I booked this room because I’d heard from a friend that you will do anything to fulfill your clients’ wishes. I’ve been unable to find anyone who could meet my exact specifications, but you look like you’ll know where to find what I need. And my wish is for, well, an orgy. Tomorrow night. I want a room full of hot men and women to pleasure me and each other. Not professionals, just regular sexy people looking to have a good time. And I want you to join us. That’s a must. As a guest, off the clock. Confidentially of course—I must make sure not a word of this gets out,” Claudine finished with a Cheshire cat–like smile.

I’d just finished telling her I could get her anything she wanted, so I couldn’t refuse—not if I wanted to keep my job, not to mention my pride. Instead, I just stared at her, agog. I’d brought in ladies of the night, fetish specialists, pro subs and dominatrices. I’d had people ask me to personally pour them baths full of champagne, and I’d even sipped a little as a recent Oscar winner had extended his gorgeous body into his suite’s sumptuous tub while I’d popped cork after cork until he was fully submerged. He’d asked me to join him and while I was very, very tempted, I declined save for the luxury of pouring the chilled bubbly over his shoulders, then splashing the last few drops onto his face and indulging in one of the hottest kisses of my life. I was pretty sure he had a cell phone full of numbers of women who’d be more than willing to slip into his tub, so I’d left him to them.

I did, in fact, have the numbers of plenty of escorts and dominatrices handy, friends who specialized in high-end clients who I trusted implicitly for their discretion and ability to do their job well. But Claudine wanted real people, not professionals—except for, well, me. She wanted people who weren’t acting like they wanted to share her bed, but who would be overjoyed to worship her leopard-print heels, not to mention the rest of her. I could tell that she wasn’t so much a voyeur or exhibitionist as used to being the centerpiece of any encounter, erotic or otherwise; she’d never be so crass as to say “gang bang” but she wasn’t going to be satisfied unless all those hands and mouths were focused on her at some point in the night. I wasn’t sure if I was doing my job or relegating my duties when an image of Claudine with men nibbling on her toes and a woman buried between her legs flashed in my mind.

“Now, if we understand each other, I’m going to slip into a bath. I need to soak my feet.” Claudine smiled at me, her glistening red lips curving upward, her brown eyes dancing over my surprised face. She unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it on the bed, then casually reached behind her to unhook her bra, letting her large, clearly natural breasts hang heavily against her, before pausing to finish her instructions.

“I’d love a couple, and maybe some college kids, a girl with some tattoos, a man with a huge cock. A boy I can tie up. With you as my dessert,” Claudine added with a laugh before stepping toward me, placing her hand at the back of my head, and giving me a full, passionate kiss, as if that were something she were used to doing with her minions. Her mouth tasted minty and sweet, and her tongue was as possessive as the rest of her. It was the kind of kiss I was used to from men, not women. Her breasts pressed against me, begging me touch them. I was still in shock, but my pussy clearly wasn’t, because it responded to her touch, to her tongue darting against mine. She pulled away, then slithered out of her jeans and panties, before waving good-bye and sliding into the bathroom, where the sound of rushing water greeted me. I rubbed at my lips, hoping to remove the lipstick as quickly as I could.
If you're reading this anywhere other than or its syndication at Goodreads or Amazon, the content is probably being stolen, so head to the source and support indie authors!

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Read the rest of "Special Request" plus 19 others for just $4.84 when you buy this sexy hotness at Amazon. Other purchasing options (but as you'll see, Amazon's $4.84 deal is the cheapest around):
Kindle ebook
Nook ebook
IndieBound (locate a local bookstore that's selling it)
Google Play
Cleis Press

Table of Contents

Introduction: Sex Magic
Two-Way Ariel Graham
Selfish Donna George Storey
Air- Conditioning. Color TV. Live Mermaids. Anna Meadows
Proof of Desire Remittance Girl
Soundproof Emily Moreton
An Inspector Comes Suzanne Fox
Surrender with a Twist Suleikha Snyder
Unbound at the Holiday Inn Lily K. Cho
Travelodge Tess Justine Elyot
Business Expenses Elizabeth Silver
Return to the Nonchalant Inn Erobintica
The Deacon Tahira Iqbal
Love, Loud as a Bomb Steve Isaak
Night School Valerie Alexander
Feel So Dirty Andrea Dale
Please Come Again Tenille Brown
Dirty White Envelope Ellie Vokes
Tailgating at the Cedar Inn Delilah Devlin
Stiletto’s Big Score Michael A. Gonzales
Special Request Rachel Kramer Bussel

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