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Friday, August 01, 2014

Getting off on mental kink and the joy of service in The Big Book of Submission

I'm someone who enjoys erotica about all kinds of kinks and fetishes, but I admit I have a soft spot for mental kinks, for filthy minds, for the way words and actions can combine in ways that set someone on fire (not literally). Some of my stories are more action-oriented, but usually I'd say there's at least some mental component too. I haven't been writing as much erotica lately as I I'd like to; it doesn't always come as easily as it once did, and I struggle more for it. I only occasionally go back and reread a story and think, Wow. I pulled it off the way I wanted to.

Lotus Blooms reading, front: Me, Tess Danesi, Michelle Augello page; back: Emerald, Kristina Wright

Last week at sex toy store Lotus Blooms (where you can get a copy!) in Alexandria, Virginia, I read the entirety of my story "Reverse Psychology" from The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales, and I did think that. I liked that I had what I hope is a believable male narrator, one who isn't a sadist, but performs sadistic actions in the name of service. For me, a dirty mind is probably the number one thing that will make me attracted to someone, because then they can wield it in all sorts of ways, expected and unexpected. They can get me to do things I would never have thought I'd want to do, which is similar to my male protagonist. Perhaps someday I'll write his domme's side, about a woman who loves pain within the context of BDSM but doesn't have a submissive bone in her body.



This is the first post in the month-plus-long virtual book tour for The Big Book of Submission, so readers and authors will be sharing their takes on the book. You can read almost half of "Reverse Psychology" over at Unbound Box, who will also be posting 2 more excerpts from the book, so keep an eye on them. And I'll post as soon as the audiobook narrated by Rose Caraway is for sale! Again, when you don't 100% love your work, it can be awkward to hear it read aloud by someone else. When you know you've given it your all and are happy with the final outcome, rather than wondering, What if I'd added a line here, or rearranged this paragraph..., it's a far more exciting experience to have it read back to you.


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