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Monday, January 13, 2014

Why proofreading and being sure of your title and byline isn't optional

For the last few anthologies I've completed, I've been getting a larger than usual group of people who are making changes to their byline after their story has been accepted. So this is my two cents on why it's important to make sure your submission, both in terms of grammar and content and title, is your final version, as well as your byline. By the time I send out contracts for an anthology, it's on its way to being copyedited. This means that any major changes of these types, while doable, disrupt that process and do leave room for error. With something as vital as your name, which is your brand and byline, you want to make extra sure that you are starting off strong. I will be delving into this more in my in-depth pre-CatalystCon workshops on March 14th, but for now, I will say that if you are submitting to my 3 current anthology calls on bondage, female fantasies and sex toy erotica, please DO NOT send your work until you have thoroughly proofread it and are 100% sure you want to use that title and byline and story. Does that mean that if it's accepted it can't be changed? No. It does mean that you look far more professional when you have all your literary ducks in a row, and save editors like me time and effort, which means we have more of it to focus on creating, editing and promoting our books, which means more opportunities to submit and get published! Some change will always occur, and that's understandable, but most of it can be avoided by being as thorough as possible, giving some thought on what your byline is and will be in the future, and making sure you treat your submissions with care. This is not meant as a personal chastisement to anyone, but rather, a heads up as I am seeing a recurring pattern that I think should be noted, at least for submission to my anthologies.

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