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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I wrote about Delhi gang rape and sexual violence play Nirbhaya

I'm tempted to tell you I know nothing about theater, as a way to preface my bouncing-in-my-head fears that what I wrote about Edinburgh Festival Fringe play Nirbhaya sucks. But I won't, at least, not really. Also, I've ever used Kinja for a post before and had wanted to add it to Groupthink in the hope that it might get add to the main Jezebel page but I don't know how that works. If you do and want to let me know, email me at rachelkb at - mainly I just wanted to share what I've been researching the past few weeks since I"m fascinated by it.

I'm not a theater expert, and am only an occasional theatergoer. But I was drawn to this play, its process and the passion behind it. I wish I could go see it for myself in two weeks. I can't, but maybe someone reading my post will. And maybe the more I push myself to write about things I'm interested in, whether or not I'm an "expert" or ever will be, the more I will position myself to move out of the box of "sex writer" and into the role of "writer." Which I already am, but have so many dreams and plans and hopes for. Now on to some of those hopes and dreams, happy that I wrote it anyway, and that the universe gave me a few little writing gifts this week. I am thankful, and grateful, and it will happen. And I'll keep pitching. Forever.

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