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Monday, February 04, 2013

A free bisexual erotica story: "The Secret to a Happy Marriage"

Bisexuality often plays a role in my stories, whether the word itself is used or not, whether the characters identify as "bisexual" or not, in part because I'm bisexual, and in part because I think it's a way to complicate and enhance a short story. Below is my story "The Secret to a Happy Marriage," and in return for this free story, I'd love it if you'd like my book Twice the Pleasure: Bisexual Women's Erotica on Amazon and help me get to 100 likes. I'll be posting excerpts from that book and more about bisexual erotica generally, and I am hoping this book does well enough to allow me to publish more bi books. Thank you!

The Secret to a Happy Marriage
by Rachel Kramer Bussel

If people ask me why I always seem to have a smile on my face, glowing skin, and a spring in my step, I simply wink and toss off something about a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Rarely do I divulge the real secret to my rosy cheeks and bouncy personality, and even more rarely do I let on why my husband Larry and I have had such a long and happy marriage. Somehow, for a mother of two who lives in the suburbs, who’s part of her neighborhood watch and bakes cookies every weekend, it just wouldn’t be seemly to let everyone know that the extra-special ingredient to my recipe for long-term bliss is to mix things up in the bedroom. And by that I don’t just mean adding a sex toy here or pair of crotchless panties there, though we get up to plenty of naughty play behind closed doors.

No, what I mean is that once a month, like clockwork, Larry and I visit our local swingers’ club. There, we let loose, living out every fantasy we’ve ever had⎯and some that only occur to us on the spot. There, I’ve been spanked, flogged, bound and gagged. I’ve eaten pussy, shared cocksucking duty, been filmed doing fire play, gotten double-teamed while my wrists were tied behind my back, and come so hard I’ve screamed out loud⎯all while my husband watches. Our only rule is that when we go there, we don’t fuck or play with each other. We share enough adventures together at home, so what makes it fun is for us to seek out new partners, or sometimes old ones who really turn us on. I love watching him with his mouth buried between another woman’s legs, lost in the exquisite ecstasy of tasting her juices. Sometimes another woman sucks his dick while he does so, but most of the time, I only catch the tail end, because I’m so busy having my own fun.

Last weekend was particularly memorable. One of the most popular couples who frequent the club are Beth and Katie. Yes, they’re two women, one blonde (Katie), one brunette (Beth), both bi and beautiful and bouncy. In their early twenties, they’d turn heads even if they weren’t a couple, but when they’re walking around naked or simply wearing skimpy g-strings, stopping every few seconds to make out, you can imagine they make countless dicks hard and pussies wet pretty much spontaneously. They know just what effect they have on everyone who enters the club, and they lap it right up. They’re complete exhibitionists and always wind up going above and beyond the call of naked duty. They won’t just tie each other up and fuck; they’ll use gorgeous, expensive silky red rope, with Beth, the more dominant of the pair, running it between Katie’s pussy lips and making her breasts pop out. When Beth sucks on Katie’s nipples, she makes sure to grab one between her teeth and tug, or twist a nub between her fingers and twirl it around and around so anyone looking on can get the full effect. One time they set up a little corner “booth” where they took turns bending over for anyone who chose to spank them with their choice of implements. They bring a huge toy bag that sometimes has a video camera, and they’ve been known to get someone to tape them fucking, then gift the cameraman or woman with the tape, like a naughty goodie bag prize.

Sometimes they come and are incredible teases, choosing only to entwine their bodies against each other while everyone else looks on lustfully. Even the women who swear up and down they only love cock get horny when they see Beth and Katie. There’s just something infectious about their youth and beauty and openness about sex. They’re also truly tender to each other even amidst the wildest sex acts. One time, Beth kissed Katie passionately while she was sandwiched between two guys, one’s cock in her pussy, one in her ass. Beth tends to prefer girls but Katie’s more of the wild child, and neither seems to ever get jealous.

Larry’s told me that he’s jerked off to the idea of the two of them having their way with him, tying him up and gagging him, then taking turns sitting on his cock for mere moments, enough to keep him rock-hard, but unable to get off as they played musical chairs in front of him. We’ve certainly fantasized about the girls countless times in bed. I’ve always said that I wanted to lick both their pussies at once. I’ve watched them get head and heard their cries from clear across the room, salivating with envy over the lucky tongue that got to be slammed inside those delicious lips. The main thing to know about Beth and Katie is that they never accepted come-ons; they always had to be the aggressors, the ones inviting others into their private erotic dance.

All of a sudden, here was my chance, The girls were particularly impressed with my new nipple rings, twin silver ovals with little beads on the ends that Larry had gotten me for our anniversary. I’d been letting them heal, and last time had kept my top on, creating an air of mystery. Some had thought I’d gotten my boobs done, while others picked sunburn as the cause for my sudden bashfulness. I just kept them guessing, and at home savored Larry’s teeth tugging on the hoops when I was finally allowed to utilize them to full effect. Now, they were making their public debut, to much applause and public speculation. My nipples had never been as sensitive, and when Katie giggled and said she wanted to taste my new toys for herself, I smiled and said, “Be my guest.” Really I was her guest, a visitor to her glorious lesbian playground as Beth stood behind me, letting me lean my head back onto her shoulder while she kissed the nape of my neck and whispered in my ear about what a dirty girl I was. Her words themselves weren’t anything special, but coming from her lips, with her bare breasts pressed against my back, they almost made my knees buckle.

And Katie, who I’d gotten used to think of as mostly a bottom, pounced on my rings like they were candy. I reached behind me, gripping Beth’s hips as she bit into my neck while Katie stared up at me as she took one ring between her teeth and began tugging. “Oh yeah, I like that,” I said, staring back at Katie, hoping my husband was watching every second. My nipples were on fire, as were my cheeks, flaming bright red I was sure. I’d been watched before, but when I dared draw my gaze from Katie’s wicked mouth, I saw so many familiar faces glued on me, many of them with accompanying hands jerking on cocks or sliding along slick pussies.

“How’s Katie doing, Angela?” Beth asked, her fingers finding ways to pinch my back, my stomach, my ass.

Katie’s tongue slithered out to lick my hard pink flesh, flicking at the ring in the process. I watched her lap at one nipple while her other hand twisted my areola. “Very good, Beth. Perfect, actually,” I said, then sucked in air between my teeth as Beth’s fingers found the entrance to my sex. She stroked me there, so lightly I wanted to scream, playing with my wetness but not making any move to enter me. Katie’s mouth got more intense, her lips fastening around the ring and pulling upward while her other hand started lightly slapping at my other breast. I was panting by then, short, shallow, in and out breaths that pushed me closer to the edge of orgasm.

They kept me there at that high peak, but neither tried to push me over. Abruptly, Beth slithered out from behind me, forcing me to stand up straight, and pulled her girlfriend away. I saw them whispering, then looked down and saw my erect nipples with their adornments hanging perfectly off each end. I heard a laugh come from Katie’s lips and stood up straighter.

“We don’t think you’re quite ready to get fucked,” said Beth, reporting back. “Do you?”

It was a trick question if ever there was one, because I was so beyond ready to get fucked. “Your wish is my command,” I said to Beth, because it was the truth. Tonight, she knew what was best for me, more than I or Larry or anyone else in the horny room.

“Good. Then shut your eyes,” she said. The next thing I knew, a blindfold was placed over them. “Turn around and put your hands over your head.” I did as she said, feeling my pussy tighten as I followed her order. Then hands were pushing me hard against the wall. My pierced nipples met the hard, flat surface, the zing of pain racing through my body before settling into a dull thtrob.

“Spread your legs,” came Beth’s next order. I did, only to feel them spread further for me by her hands. Then someone was between my legs, pinching my labia. I’d never really thought of my pussy lips as sources of sexual pleasure; that was for my clit, and for inside. But soon something was being clamped to each lip, toward the top, near my clit. I heard a tinkling, like bells, then laughter. “Now if you move, your pussy’s going to jingle,” said Beth, raking her claw-like nails down the back of my neck. I shuddered, and sure enough, the bells hanging from my cunt gave off their own sound. “Those are really meant to go on a girl’s nipples, but yours are otherwise occupied,” said Beth.

“But that’s just the beginning.” Because of the blindfold, all my senses were focused on what I could hear and feel, along with the anticipation of what mysterious torture awaited me. I found out very soon, when the stroke of a flogger struck my upper back, hard. Normally, it wouldn’t have hurt so much as thudded, like an extra-strong backrub, but because of the heat emanating from my nipples, the pressure of the flogger pushed me further against the wall. Then, a pause, and something struck my ass. It was sharp and focused, and felt like a riding crop. I trembled, then whimpered. The crop made my pussy tingle.

Then came both the flogger and crop at once, one pounding deep into my upper back, one sizzling against my ass. I knew both women were lashing out at me, and was sure that anyone who hadn’t been watching before was doing so now. The blows against my back were loud, drowning out my whimpers as the heat in my chest suffused my body. The crop, along with the clamps on my labia, were what really pushed me over the edge. “Yes,” I cried out, loudly, as the instruments barreled against my skin. They kept striking me over and over until my whole body tingled like you do when you’ve just come into a warm room from a freezing outdoor day, only on the edge of orgasm.

Then the room was still, and it felt to me like everyone was holding their breath, waiting, like me, to see what would happen next. I’ll tell you⎯one of the women (my money was on Beth), took the crop and began tapping it against my sex. Lightly, at first, the leather hit my slit, sometimes striking the bells. Then it came harder, and I banged my fists against the wall, so horny I could scream. “Yeah,” I heard behind me, then there were fingers tangled in my hair, then fingers being shoved in my mouth, then who knows how many hands on me. I found out later it was the girls and my friend Carlos, all touching and stroking and hitting me at once. When someone finally got around to fucking me with a huge dildo that stretched my pussy deliciously, I shuddered, my body craving every last inch of it. As I got mauled, I melted into my tormenters, my lovers, myself. I gave everything I had to my scene, and got back in return an orgasm that seemed to last for hours. Not literally, but long after we left the club, my pussy pulsed with that special feeling only a rock-your-world climax can bring.

Beth and Katie took me into the bathroom and wiped me down, kissing and licking any sore spots and telling me that ours was the hottest scene they’d ever had at the club. I don’t know if they were telling the truth, but for me, they gave my weekend⎯okay, my year⎯something to truly remember. And that’s my secret, one I’m happy to share if it’ll help one lucky lady unlock her own erotic dreams, as naughty as they may be. We’ve all got them, those yearnings that don’t simply go away because you’ve got a ring on your finger. I prefer to indulge my indecent thoughts, and will continue to do so, with a smile on my face.

You'll find 22 varied stories in Twice the Pleasure: Bisexual Women's Erotica, out from Cleis Press in March 2013! Stay tuned for excerpts.

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