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Monday, June 25, 2012

Sex sex sex diaries

I'm writing because I would love it if you'd pass on my call for sex diarists for the Daily Intel weekly sex diary series to anyone you know who might make a good candidate. You can be single, in a relationship, in New York, not in New York; there's no minimum or maximum amount of sex. Rather, I want you to be able to tell us why you like who and what you like and what a week in your love like looks like. After you've read a few diaries, if you're still interested, email me at sexdiaries at and tell me in a few sentences why you would make a good diarist (could be anything from having a thing for redheads to dating two people at once to being back in the dating game after a divorce, to name just three of an infinite possible list of things we're looking for). All diaries are anonymous. Thank you!

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