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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A wonderful night for Best Sex Writing 2012 at my favorite bookstore, Housing Works

What an amazing, packed night at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe last night for Best Sex Writing 2012! I was blown away by the turnout, since, it being New York City, a bunch of other cool readings were also happening at the same time. THANK YOU to everyone who came out, ate cupcakes, asked questions and were so interested in our topic. I hope many of you will submit to Best Sex Writing 2013; the deadline is Tuesday, May 1st, and it's shaping up to be another very smart collection. Here's a recap by Capital New York; I loved that Village Voice staff writer Camille Dodero not only told us how her article "Guys Who Like Fat Chicks" came about, but brought its star up to the stage to give his side.

Housing Works made a sex books table for us!

They also had a special where if you joined Housing Works (which I recommend; I use my membership all the time for a discount) you could get any of these books free: Best Sex Writing 2012 or Taschen's The Big Book of Breasts or The Big Penis Book

Back row L to R: Abby Tallmer, Amanda Marcotte, Ellen Friedrichs, Rachel Kramer Bussel
Front row L to R: Rachel Rabbit White, Camille Dodero, Joan Price
And no, it's not all white ladies in my book nor do I want it to be, so see the guidelines above and SUBMIT! I also very much welcome suggestions and recommendations, and I accept published and unpublished submisisons.

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