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Monday, August 22, 2011

Bargain price on Irresistible and sneak peek!

Who knows how Amazon's pricing system works, but I do know that right now, for however long it lasts, my February anthology Irresistible: Erotic Romance for Couples, is on sale for only $8.63! What a bargain.

I'll be announcing the full table of contents soon, but my story is called "Exposing Calvin." Here's a snippet:

I’m usually the sexual instigator, and I don’t mind. I have a higher sex drive than he does, but he’s never turned me down. I’ve been the one to introduce toys, to get him to relax enough to let me play with his ass while I blow him, to ask him to spank me. It’s not that Calvin’s repressed, but there is still a part of him that thinks that other people will care what we do in bed, that feels like someone—not necessarily G-d, but someone—is watching every time we do anything the least bit risqué.

That makes me laugh because I’m not an exhibitionist, either, save for my occasional low-cut dresses, and if I thought someone was watching me get it on, I’d be self-conscious, too. We both grew up in small towns with Jewish families that were on the more buttoned-up side, but I escaped at eighteen and never looked back. Calvin, I’m afraid, is always on the verge of looking back, and in our thirteen years of marriage, my job has been to pull him forward, into both the future, and the knowledge that he is an adult and can enjoy his body.

Sometimes I do things just to shake him up, like when I went on my last business trip and gave him a bottle of lube and a porn DVD that I’d originally intended to take with me. “I think she’s hot,” I said, pointing to Jesse Jane. I knew he’d been tempted to roll his eyes at me⎯the blonde with the big boobs, really?⎯but then I pulled him down into our easy chair and started whispering in his ear, relaying the filthiest fantasy I could think of that ultimately involved his cock shoved between Jesse Jane’s breasts. By the time I took his cock out and started stroking it, he could barely last a minute. I know that inside him lurks the heart and soul of a pervy⎯a nice, friendly, pervy⎯guy, and I like to bring him out to play when I can.

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