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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boas, rings, books and cupcakes at Shag, yummy guacamole outside Knitting Factory

Last night I stopped by Williamsburg, Brooklyn sex and art store Shag to drop off more copies of my books - THANK YOU, Brooklyn, for buying my books! I love getting those checks every month telling me that my neighbors are reading my smut. Buy local! Also, I can't stop into Shag and not get immediate lust for jewelry and other beautiful things. It was a hard week, so I bought myself a ring (see below). And Leah Foster's cupcake art (made of cupcakes) is hanging there. Woo-hoo! Then I stumbled upon Gorilla Guac outside Knitting Factory and bought my dinner of chips and guacamole for $5. Brooklyn happiness.

For extra happiness, please visit Cupcakes Take the Cake, where I just blogged shark cupcake pops and pretty flowers. I would totally take shark cupcakes or cake pops to my family next weekend on Martha's Vineyard. Well, more cake pops than cupcakes cause I plan to take SeaStreak and the water can be rough. All my next 3 trips are family-related (Vineyard, Oregon, Vermont), then in September I go to Vegas for the Erotic Authors Association Conference. Excited, but urgently need a silent weekend away that I won't be getting for a while. Maybe for my birthday. Seems quite fitting. First, though, I have to earn it. Making strides toward that and setting weight, home, finance and book goals. I would love to look on back on this year as the year I changed so many of my self-destructive ways. You can get so good at those ways that they seem to a twisted mind like mine like the only way, and there's always another way. Always.

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