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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Because it's a favorite: Gotta Have It trailer

I don't know if I'll be making any more book trailers; I'm in business-minded, money-saving mode, but the part of me that's not that, that's just someone who enjoys creating things, loves making them. So here's one of my of my editorial life goals is to make a book whose book trailer I can get onto Amazon. Might have to be non-erotica, but that's on the agenda!

Anyway, I really love the Gotta Have It trailer, and the book itself. I'm proud of myself for trying something new with both. I'm waiting to see if sales pick up (they're good, just not my bestseller). I'd love to do more short shorts, though, having been working on one for a while myself, they are often harder than they look. And as part of my positive thinking agenda, I can say that I'm very proud of this book (all of them, really), regardless of sales. I love working with such a range of international authors and getting to hear the stories read, via video and in person. I'm trying to remind myself every day, especially when an individual story or whatever it is gets challenging that I've met lots of challenges before.

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