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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free erotica books (Gotta Have It) at BEA tomorrow; new jewelry by Objets d'Envy

Crazy busy with a bazillion deadlines, plus tomorrow I'm going to Book Expo America, where I've been going every year since I think 2002, certainly before anyone ever entertained the notion of having me edit (or, uh, write) a book. I love it, though I think my enthusiasm level has dialed down marginally; mostly, I am looking forward to having time to actually read all the amazing books that have come into my possession lately, like the memoirs Wanderlust by Elisabeth Eaves and My Year with Eleanor by Noelle Hancock and the novel America Pacifica by Anna North and...lots of others. I am excited to pick up a copy of Between Here and Forever by one of my favorite YA authors, Elizabeth Writes, meet with my publicist from Rare Bird Lit and generally stuff as many free books into my bags as I can, and hunt down publicists I pester with emails all year. And maybe someone will be serving cupcakes, or at least little snacks. I so can't wait until I take the first true vacation I've had in longer than I can remember this weekend. Sortof a sad statement that on my own I don't let myself take vacations, but thankfully that is changing and I get to explore Boston with someone who I don't seem to get to see enough of here and who knows it better than I do and is willing to walk all over the place with me (I think).

If you follow me on Twitter you already know how to get free books if you are up for reviewing (next will be Obsessed, which I'll be sending out in early July, stay tuned for giveaways and a NYC book party!). Anyway, tomorrow I will be bringing hundreds of postcards (decluttering for the win!) and if I remember, book buttons (I got them made for Please, Sir and Passion and somehow now have thousands of buttons taking up space in my home). So stop by and say hi and get a copy of Gotta Have It signed.

May 25, 1 pm - 2 pm and 3 pm-4 pm


You have two chances to get a free signed copy of Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex, plus free book buttons!

1-2 pm I'll be at the Cleis Press booth, 4625A, and 3-4 pm I'll be in the autographing area (look for me).

Jacob Javits Center, NYC

I'm a huge fan of Chicago-based jewelry company Objets d'Envy and my new favorite of theirs is their Demi necklace. I have it in three colors and am a little obsessed. Here's one of them:

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