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Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Seattle, your free cupcake menu awaits June 27th - see you at Babeland!

If you come to my Babeland Seattle reading with Shanna Germain and Naked Girls Reading burlesque performers Jesse Belle-Jones, Polly Wood and Heidi Von Haught, you'll also be served 5 dozen cupcakes from Cupcake Royale. I don't skimp on readings! Capitol Hill for the win! We'll all be reading from the hotness that is Gotta Have It. June 27th, a month from today, see you (and, hopefully, your Seattle friends), there!! Your official Facebook invite is right here. You might have to fight me for the salted, I will go beforehand and eat a full-size one all by myself, cause they are ridiculously good. Also, hello? They have a flavor in June called "gay." I obviously had to get it. I'm sure someone will be reading a queer story. Or several someones.

Baby raspberry rhubarb (rhubarb cake w/raspberry cream cheese frosting)
Baby gay (vanilla funfetti cake w/vanilla buttercream and rainbow sprinkles)
Baby peppermint on chocolate
Baby salted caramel
Baby triple threat

Get your free cupcakes and hot smut:

June 27, 6-8 pm
707 E. Pike Street
Seattle, WA

Salted caramel is the one on the top; see more of my photos from Cupcake Royale Capitol Hill on Flickr.

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