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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Private Mile High Club company Mile High Flights in UK shut down

From SexIs Magazine:

Ever wanted to join the Mile High Club without the added stress of possibly being discovered? Mike Crisp has been fulfilling that dream for people since 2008 with his company Mile High Flights, and their Cessna C208 Caravan is fitted with a queen size bed in back.

For just $854, a couple can go on "The Big One," which is a 40-minute flight. Add $166 to that if you'd like to include a third person.

Unfortunately, the CAA has refused to recertify the Gloucestershire, England company, citing the sex as the reason. Apparently, the CAA thinks it's too distracting, that the pilot's eyes will be on the couple in back, and not the literal mile between them and certain doom.

Interestingly, (logo above) offers links to various services similar to these in Atlanta, Chicago, Michigan, Belgium and Honolulu! And had a link to this one. In grammar news, they meant to say "discreet" instead of "discrete."

I didn't even know that these services were offered when I edited The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories or I'd have made sure there was a private mile high club story. Now I want to try one of these!

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