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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Book trailer for Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex

I'm SO happy with the way this book trailer, my 8th (I'm working on getting them all up on my site in one spot, but the previous trailers have been for Spanked, Do Not Disturb, Peep Show, Fast Girls, Orgasmic, Please, Sir and Passion). Below the trailer I've posted the authors who contributed to it!

Trailer contributors (in order of appearance):

Christen Clifford
"After Ten Years"

Giselle Renarde
"Meet Me In The Kitchen"

Andrea Dale
"Wasn't It Good"

Shanna Germain

Elizabeth Daniels
"Dining In The Dark"


Marina Saint
"Eat Me"

Jeremy Edwards
"No Blame, No Shame"

Heather Lin
"Seven-Letter Word"

Kay Jaybee
"The Advantage of Working
From Home"

Vampirique Dezire
"A Forced Witness"


Rachel Kramer Bussel

Kirsty Logan

Anya Levin
"Continuing Education"

Helia Brookes
"Over The Line"

Donna George Storey

Trailer by What That Noise Productions.

Here's a screen capture from my iPhone from the Blip version (we used TubeMogul to put it up in as many places as we could):

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