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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I feel like the punchline to a "You didn't know there was a Google app?" joke

I feel like I'm relearning the iPhone because I kindof am, while also trying to figure out a new blog platform (for a new blog I'm starting, Books Food Fashion, not for this one, I've resigned myself to the hell that is Blogger for this and my cupcake blog) and, of course, still don't know how to back it up because I apparently have a block about that. It's on my list though, don't worry, as is trying to carry fewer bags in the new year. Like, maybe even one, I'll be practically unrecognizable.

It's fine, I'm itching for January to be here so I can not be quite as broke and get my new laptop (gonna just walk in and be spontaneous, Air or MacBook Pro - leaning toward Air, but I really don't know and cannot afford any more brainpower to the decision, I'm more of a "I know it when I see it" shopper and by all accounts both are good computers). I'm just a wee bit overwhelmed these days, so the whole getting out of bed thing, not to mention vainly trying to meet deadlines, is about all I can handle. I think it's gonna be another stay home on NYE year, and as long as I don't puke again, I'm actually more than happy with that. I am making up for being overly social the previous 11 months by trying not to go out much this one.

Anyway...I feel like a very bad iPhone user for having to read in The New York Times that Google has an app. Duh.



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