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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hello Kitty Johnny Cupcakes limited edition t-shirt coming in December

This is what you miss if you don't read Cupcakes Take the Cake daily (or add us to your RSS feed). You can also like us on Facebook. And obviously, if you're in Seattle or New York, don't miss our December 7th bicoastal 6-year anniversary parties!

I am a major Hello Kitty and Sanrio fan, and right now they are doing a popup tour (I saw a very cute limited edition Hello Kitty iPhone case at CupcakeCamp LA!). I’m getting to the cupcake connection, I promise…

Johnny Cupcakes, who is in the process of opening up his London (UK) store in 2011, will be launching a limited edition Hello Kitty t-shirt next month, an item that is shooting straight to the top of my holiday wishlist! How fun. Stay tuned to and his blog (scroll down for photos from Sanrio's 50th anniversary), as well as Twitter and Facebook (where over 70,000 people are fans!), for ordering information. via Nitrolicious

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for the guys: Cupcakes and Crossbones Mesh Johnny Cupcakes shorts

Dice will be randomly placed in Johnny Cupcakes orders!

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